Features of the collection

The Schrank II collections possess several characteristics:

  1. By far the major part of the catalogued and digitalised sources consists of manuscripts. The few prints preserved form an exception in the overall collections.
  2. While the greater part of the manuscripts are either in a good/excellent state of preservation or have already been restored, individual examples are so badly damaged as the result of damage by water, ink corrosion, etc., that the processes of titling and digital reproduction was only achievable on the basis of older microfilm images.
  3. Happily, the present-day SLUB Schrank II collections exhibit only a few gaps. These gaps emerged either as the result of wartime losses or by individual manuscripts finding various ways into different libraries.
  4. One part of the project consisted in the recording of several manuscripts, which could not be directly assigned to the Schrank II collections. These, however, unmistakably originate in the immediate environment.