Writers' catalogue

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The Writers' Catalogue provides the user both with some information and research possibilities, which go beyond the scope of the RISM-OPAC and Digital Collections. Here details on the writers' individual phases of writing, secondary literature and the name variants present there – as well as the scope of the writers' activity (state, region, town) – are presented in a more clearly differentiated manner. A link leads to a representative sample of writing in each case.

Since the end of 2016 the Writers' Catalogue provides information to all the writers from the materials of the projects "Schrank II" and "Court Church and Royal Private Music Collection" being both concerned with the music from the era of the Union between Saxony and Poland.

Writers not known by name have been assigned an ID in the projects, composed of the "S-Dl" prefix and a consecutive number. Writers S-Dl-001 to S-Dl-142 are mainly represented in the materials of "Schrank II", writers from S-Dl-143 on are to be observed mainly in the music of the Court Church and the Royal Private Music Collection.

From the full display a link "Sources" leads directly to the RISM-OPAC showing a list display from the manuscripts written by the writer concerned. For writers known by name actually the list provides all records concerned with the person at all: at present there is no possibility in RISM online to confine the search to the writers function only.

A summary of the research findings of the "Schrank II" Project is to be found in the "Schranck No: II. Das erhaltene Instrumentalrepertoire der Dresdner Hofkapelle aus den ersten beiden Dritteln des 18. Jahrhunderts" (Chapter: "Über die Kopisten der im Schranck No: II aufbewahrten Manuskripte"), which was published in 2012.